Transform HR Operations with AI-Enabled Conversations

Empower your HR team with Agent Cloud's conversational AI, streamlining tasks from recruitment to employee engagement, all while ensuring a more human-centric approach to HR management.

Efficient Recruitment Processes

Leverage AI-driven conversations to optimize the recruitment workflow, from candidate sourcing to preliminary interviews, ensuring a seamless experience for both recruiters and applicants.
Automated Candidate Screening: Use conversational AI to pre-screen candidates, ask preliminary questions, and assess qualifications, saving valuable time.
Enhanced Candidate Engagement: Maintain continuous engagement with candidates through AI, providing updates, feedback, and next steps in real-time.

Employee Onboarding & Support

Facilitate smooth onboarding experiences and provide ongoing support to employees through intuitive, AI-powered conversations, making HR more accessible.
Streamlined Onboarding: Guide new hires through the onboarding process with conversational AI, from paperwork to orientation schedules.
24/7 HR Assistance: Offer round-the-clock HR support, answering employee queries on policies, benefits, and procedures through an AI interface.

Data-Driven Employee Insights

Harness the power of AI to gather and analyze employee feedback, performance metrics, and engagement levels, driving informed HR strategies and initiatives.
Real-Time Feedback Analysis: Collect and analyze employee feedback in real-time with AI, identifying trends and areas for improvement.
Personalized HR Interventions: Use AI-driven insights to tailor HR programs to individual or team needs, enhancing satisfaction and productivity.

Overview of all the features

The end to end RAG pipeline

Select your connector

Use our collection of data sources to sync data from other systems like confluence or upload your own pdf, docx, txt or csv file.
When selecting systems like databases (postgres, snowflake, bigquery) you can select tables and even columns to ingest.

Prep your data

For files you can provide instructions on how to split and chunk your data. Leverage Open AI latest text-embedding-3 for embedding or select from open source models like BGE/base.

Vector store your data

Once data has been embedded the platform will store your data within a vector database. We also expose

Keep data fresh

Select what frequency you would like to sync data from the source. This can be manual, scheduled or a cron expression. This means users can query fresh data and know how recent the source was updated.

Start chatting with your data!

Now that data is synced, simply create an agent with your choice of LLM and start a session to talk to your data.

Privately chat to your data in your cloud.

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