Supercharge retail operations with LLMs

Enable your support staff with context aware chatbots able to sync data from multiple knowledge bases.

Automate your customer support processes

Enable your support staff with private LLM enabled chatbots that can securely talk to your knowledge bases and databases.
Sync with your knowledge bases to retrieve up to date support information (Confluence, SQL based databases, )
Ensure staff only access the data their team have access to
Insurance chat

Empower product marketing teams

Provide product marketing with secure chat GPT like digital assistants they can use to draft content or help produce marketing messaging
Integrate with Marketing platforms like Google Ads or Facebook Marketing to pull in Campaign messaging.
Use agents to iterate campaign messaging and come up with new marketing strategies that take into account ROAS and Ad Spend

Safely Innovate on new customer experiences

Begin internal innovation around use of LLMs without compromising your secuirty
For ultra secure environments consider self hosting, or to get running fast use Cloud
Experiment with RAG, Multi Agent or Image to text use cases

Overview of all the features

The end to end RAG pipeline

Select your connector

Use our collection of data sources to sync data from other systems like confluence or upload your own pdf, docx, txt or csv file.
When selecting systems like databases (postgres, snowflake, bigquery) you can select tables and even columns to ingest.

Prep your data

For files you can provide instructions on how to split and chunk your data. Leverage Open AI latest text-embedding-3 for embedding or select from open source models like BGE/base.

Vector store your data

Once data has been embedded the platform will store your data within a vector database. We also expose

Keep data fresh

Select what frequency you would like to sync data from the source. This can be manual, scheduled or a cron expression. This means users can query fresh data and know how recent the source was updated.

Start chatting with your data!

Now that data is synced, simply create an agent with your choice of LLM and start a session to talk to your data.

Privately chat to your data in your cloud.

Get started with Agent Cloud Community edition today or talk to us for enterprise enquiries.